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" We offer high-end full-stack development services at prices tailored to your needs."

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We offer top-tier web and mobile development services to turn your vision into reality, deployed in record time through our unique workflow methodology.

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GettingApp offers high-end full-stack development services at prices 💵 tailored to your situation.

Whether you're an early-stage 👨 startup or a large corporation 🏬, we can handle all types of projects.

Typescript, Node.JS, Swift, Kotlin

BeReal is the hottest new French social network today. We were commissioned as consultants to put the entire software architecture back in place and stabilized the MVP to allow the development teams to move forward in the best conditions.

Typescript, Node.JS, React Native, Swift, Kotlin

GettingApp was commissioned to build an online bank from scratch. We have solved a multitude of issues related to open banking, PSD2 authentication, core banking and BNPL.

Typescript, Node.JS, Swift, Kotlin, React Native

The Django application, designed to empower users to generate prepaid cards for making 3x payments on merchant sites, was developed with the assistance of GettingApp. The app is currently owned by Banque Postale, which acquired it as part of the Joe startup acquisition.

Typescript, Node.JS, Swift, Kotlin

Eloaudio, a text-to-speech application, has been fully developed by GettingApp. With its natural voice synthesis and multi-language support, Eloaudio sets a new standard in speech technology.

Typescript, Node.JS, Swift, Kotlin, React.JS, React Native

RingOver is a cloud-based business phone system providing comprehensive communication solutions for businesses, encompassing voice calls, video calls, and messaging. GettingApp has contributed significantly to the development of various mobile and web products for RingOver

Typescript, Node.JS, React.JS

Dayadaya is a text-to-speech platform developed by GettingApp, featuring high-quality synthesized voices.

Typescript, Node.JS, Swift, Kotlin, Vue.JS

Leavy offers a guaranteed cash offer for your home! Share your space and receive a guaranteed income in return. Developed by the GettingApp team, who helped secure a $14 million seed stage investment.

Swift, Java android

Geco Air helps users become more eco-responsible in their daily journeys! We developed iOS and Android apps in partnership with the IFP Energies nouvelles

Flutter, Swift, Kotlin

We developed some SDKs for Stanley to manage some cameras.

Typescript, React.JS

We developed and designed the X-Makers platform.

Akolyt by Drust
Swift, Java Android

Akolyt by Drust, a connected solution to improve drivers' behavior. GettingApp contributed to developing the mobile app.

Java Android

URGOnight is an app designed to help you take charge of your sleep. The app is paired with an electroencephalographic (EEG) measuring headband, connected via Bluetooth, that tracks your brain waves in real-time. GettingApp developed the Android app.

Java Android, Objective-C

Control beats, melodies, and sound effects simply by your movements: Phonotonic translates your motion into music in real time by tracking your movement and communicating with the app.

Audi R8
Java Android, Objective-C

GettingApp developed the R8 Audi guide app for the launch of the car in South Korea.


Patchai develops intelligent digital health engagement solutions for decentralized clinical studies. The company has received funding under the Smart&Start Italia program.

React Native, React.JS

CollectiveMe, give visibility to your ideas, contribute to the evolution of your community and living environment.

Typescript, Node.JS, Flutter

POV is the app where your friends share what they like about you. No, you can't receive anonymous criticism like on other apps.

Harmonista CBD

GettingApp developed and designed the Harmonista platform. Harmonista is one of the major CBD resellers in Lithuania.

Typescript, Node.JS, Swift, Kotlin

URGO Mia, THE solution for all women! Our probe connected to the application URGO Mia accompanies you in strengthening your perineum. The application tells you which program to follow according to your profile and guides you step by step through fun, simple and varied exercises.

Carma Insights GmbH has been working together with Mazen Dekhil to develop our product.We are more than enthusiastic about his technical expertise and his work ethic and are very lucky to have him on board for the technical implementation of our project!We are looking forward to further collaboration and can highly recommend the services provided byGettingApp to everyone.
Carlos Gienow, CEO Mooveo

Carlos Gienow,

CEO Mooveo

GettingApp has successfully allowed us to create and integrate 2 native plugins on lOS & Android, they were proactive while respecting an extremely short deadline.I would recommend them 100%
Salem Zerrouki, CTO Stanley Security

Salem Zerrouki,

CTO Stanley Security

GettingApp allowed us to build a dream team of backend + frontend developers in record time. A range of personalities with complementary skills who were able to get to work very quickly thanks to the support provided at the start by GettingApp. A rare and precious resource for a young start-up like ours
Alexis Botaya, CEO Elo audio

Alexis Botaya,

CEO Elo audio

GettingApp is our precious partner in software development. We are building together an app for our loT solution, back and front-end. I would highly recommend their professionalism, fast reactivity and innovative approach adapted to your startup vision.
Barbara Sirocka, CEO Spinity

Barbara Sirocka,

CEO Spinity

The entire GettingApp team did a wonderful job and allowed us to speed up and complete the development of our Mobile App in record time.Patient, passionate and always responsive to our needs, GettingApp is THE key partner that I strongly recommend to any startup that wants to go faster than the competition.Hope to see you soon and work with you again
Yassine Ben romdhane, COO Leavy

Yassine Ben romdhane,

COO Leavy

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